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industrierelikt – craftsmanship with unused, high quality industrial production offcuts.

The idea to sew bags out of automotive textiles is much older than industrierelikt. While in school, Karen used to visit waste yards and remove seat cushions from scrap cars for her bags. These she sold to friends and various shops. However, due to stricter safety regulations Karen was then no more allowed on scrap yards. Instead, the materials are disposed together with the cars. In line with her bachelor thesis Karen got engaged with the ´resource industrial waste´: Unused materials being sorted out for disposal during the production process.

We, Karen Häcker and Michel Treiber are together the start-up label industrierelikt. Karen has a degree as product designer from Bauhaus-University Weimar and Michel has studied environmental sciences in Norwich and Oslo and completed a Master of Business Administration in Paris. As designers and dissenters, we are excited to find new ways saving precious resources from the industrial wastefulness and craft something new out of it.

Environmental conservation is an important part of our philosophy and plays an integral role in our label.

The basic idea of our label is the desire to create a social value with our business model and its implementation. Simultaneously we want to demonstrate that an environmentally and socially conscious business can operate profitably. We perceive it as our mission to save industrial offcuts from disposal and transform them into new products with little additional energy input. As a label, we acknowledge our ecological footprint of our economic activities. We feel obligated to improve our environmental impact constantly through preventative actions.

The resource-saving approach does not only apply for our products but for all processes. We try to improve the logistics on a constant basis in order to make them as environmental as possible. Here we aim for short transportation routes and always operate at full capacity without empty trips. The shipment of our products is CO2-neutral. In the same manner, we attempt to make all our operations sustainable and environmentally friendly such as printing business cards and flyers. We monitor our energy and water consumption as well as waste generation. With this data, we aim to reduce our ecological footprints and become more sustainable on a constant basis.

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