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Yes, our bags are environmentally friendly! Environmental conversation is an important part of our philosophy. All our products are designed to be resource-efficient and easy to recycle.
Mainly we use offcut materials from different industries in Germany which normally would be disposed and incinerated. On one hand, we aim to draw the attention to the problem of low recycling rates of industrial offcuts and on the other hand help reducing these actively. Own production offcuts are minimized by optimization of the cutting process as well as by using remaining materials as resource for smaller products such as jewellery and accessories.
All other materials such as zippers and sewing thread are locally produced or from recycled resources in order to minimize the environmental impact concerning transport and production and hence the ecological footprint of our own products. That is also why we employ formaldehyde-free glue for the treatment of veneers and use environmentally-friendly oil for the finish of our wooden parts. Furthermore, the wooden bottom is not glued to the bag but fixed with screws.
And, no, the bags are not vegan. We utilize real leather on some parts such as the connection between the wooden handles and the bag body or as support of the bottom. At these parts, the real leather has shown to be more suitable than synthetic leather. Nevertheless, also the real leather is offcut material which otherwise would have been disposed as hazardous waste.

Yes, and we have developed a new recycling concept where we save offcut materials from the industrial production of different companies from disposal and incineration. The difference to the classical recycling is that our focus is not to save already used materials from disposal but employ high quality, unused offcuts as a direct resource for new products without major energy input.

Most of our materials are high quality offcuts from various production plants: This contains FSC-certified veneers normally used for the interior of cars as well as. The synthetic leather is either generated during the production of barber chairs as well as the assembly of seats for medical practices or comes as offcuts of the upholstery industry. Normally these are disposed and incinerated due to small deficits or when the parts are too small for the industry’s production.  Also the real leather is bought as offcut material. Materials which we do not find as offcut material, can be obtained as remaining stock such as the new wool for the lining. The sewing thread consists of recycling materials and the zippers and metal belt parts are produced in Germany or the EU.

The bags are produced completely in Germany. First we prepare the individual and unique bags and cut all textiles. The sewing is carried out by a sewing company in Germany. The individual wooden veneers are glued together by us and cut by an external workshop.
Joining all wooden and textile parts together is then again done by us; in this way we can check every single bag prior shipping.

The smallest bag weighs empty around 680g, the middle one 760g and the large bag 900g. These weights are very comparable to other bags with the same size. If heavily packed, the wooden bottom distributes the weight over the whole area and assures even then a great wearing comfort.

The wooden bottom and handles should be lubricated regularly with a soft cloth. For that purpose, the oil provided with every bag is most suitable. Drip small amounts of oil onto the cloth and rub wooden parts circularly with it.
The synthetic leather can be treated with a wet cloth and use colourless soup for more persistent stains. It is important not to use strong solvents or alkaline cleaner. In order to keep the synthetic leather elastic and flexible apply colourless shoe crème from time to time. Rub the crème gently in circles onto the material and wipe the bag afterwards with a wet cloth so crème residues will not on your clothes.
Final remarks: Always treat your bag like a good friend!

Yes, we do. For the individual shipping charges please refer to our shipping costs page. When sending abroad, additional taxes and custom charges may occur. These are not invoiced by us and are to be payed directly to the individual authorities.

No, unfortunately not as we cannot ensure satisfying all individual request with our production of our unique bags. Nevertheless, it is possible to send us a mail or message through the contact form.

Sure, we are indeed. We are always looking for new high quality offcut materials we can use. Furthermore, we are offering special editions of our products for companies.
Besides our label of sustainable and eco-friendly products we would love to do more for an intact environment. Therefore, we are currently looking for a suitable project working with trees or forests somewhere close to us that matches with our expectations.
If you have any ideas or suggestions, we are looking forward to hear from you by mail or message through the contact form.